This area looks at some questions and challenges that are considered by religious naturalists. Click on links below to see thoughts on:

Morality and values
What is the basis for distinguishing good from bad, and why should we try to be good?

Mortality and loss
What happens when we die, and what can we say to try to give comfort to those whose loved ones have passed away?

Purpose and meaning
With a view that all exists due to natural processes and that our lives and all things will come to an end, what is the point of our struggles and what we do?

Since attitudes can shape how we interpret what we see, which views, consistent with naturalism, should be adopted and encouraged to help point ourselves toward peace of mind and to make things better for those around us?

Personal religion
While doubting or disbelieving some of the core ideas in established religions, what do I believe about religious questions, and what can I do to express or act on these beliefs?

A problem and a path
As part of religion identifies problems and gives paths toward solutions, what problems do I see, what are the causes of these problems, and what steps should I take to try to improve things?