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Encounters with art

The painter’s task was to change the way
we see the world, thereby to change the world,
and to change human beings themselves.
Don Cupitt

Farm Road in Snow - Jane Penfield

…………………..Farm Road in Snow – Jane Penfield

As they take us beyond how we normally look at things or feel, and as they generate a sense of something meaningful and mysterious, encounters with art can be part of what is appreciated as spiritual or religious, and they can give a way of understanding that is different from what can occur with just words.

Spiritual feelings can occur when creating art, in responding to art, or by joining in to sing along. They can be sought through attending performances or visiting gardens or museums, and they can be appreciated at odd moments, prompted by art we stop to notice in the course of a day.

As is shown in links below, different forms of art each offer special qualities.

Performance arts
Visual arts
…..Soul collage
Spatial arts