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Religious Naturalism

Taking Nature to Heart

Marking Life Events

Bride - 379-317 iStock_000019452528XSmallWeddings, funerals, and other life events can be marked in ways that are wholly secular. But, as taking a partner or noting the passing of a life prompt feelings, questions, and thoughts, something spiritual can be recognized, and it can seem that something more is warranted than a legal form.

Dating back thousands of years, people have gathered together to mark these types of events. Some consider these observances to be the most universal expressions of something religious.

Words spoken on these occasions reflect the beliefs of those involved. So, as a Jewish funeral may include thoughts about the love and will of God and a Christian service may discuss eternal life, those with naturalist orientation can focus on the nature and value of life. Likewise, as Jewish and Christian vows consider marriage in the eyes of God, a naturalist service can highlight commitment and love, but with no deity involved.

As increasing numbers no longer believe in a personal God, a need has arisen, and a cottage industry has emerged that assembles poetry, music, types of activities, and symbols – as options for those who want to express their own views of something appreciative, respectful, beautiful, (and, in some eyes, sacred) as they mark these life events.

Links below show some options. 


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