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Religious Naturalism

Taking Nature to Heart

ecologist child 4Religious Attitudes


As an attitude inclines us to look at things in certain ways, like colored glasses, it can affect how we interpret what we see.

Religions highlight particular attitudes – to encourage states of mind and ways of living that support values. For example, Christianity encourages attitudes of love and faith, and Buddhism encourages an attitude of compassion.

A challenge for religious naturalists is to consider what attitudes to adopt or try to nurture as ideals. Some of these may be shared with other traditions, and some can have a particular focus related to a naturalist understanding.

Attitudes that religious naturalists may consider or embrace include:


A related attitude can be ongoing attention to the interdependence among all people and forms of life; and how, as all that occurs originates from and influences a multi-faceted whole, the well-being of groups and the whole, in turn, affects the well-being of each person..