This site presents information and links designed to introduce religious naturalism (RN) to those who are not yet familiar with it. And, for those who respect science as a foundation for understanding what is real, it provides resources for exploring a religious orientation that appreciates the mystery, order, and beauty in the world and the spiritual part of ourselves.

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Natural wonders

Part of being religious can include a sense of wonder and appreciation at the order and beauty in the world.

earthrise_wallpaper_by_rushfreak2-d3blr36 - 284 x 160 pixels       HumanFetus20wks- from Tsiaras TED talk - half size 50 x 50 pixels       sunrise_birds_by_regayip-d5ubgut - 268 x 160 pixels

These links show photos, video, and audio that give glimpses and reminders of some of the wonders of nature.

Surface of the Sun as you’ve never seen it
Conception to birth (video: starts at 2:00) 
“Murmuration” (changing formations of a flock of starlings in flight)   
Photo ark (photos of 8,000+ species)
Nature sounds
Sierra Club – Daily ray of hope
Small world (winners of the Nikon photomicrography competition)
Mandelbrott set – deep zoom
Cosmos – NASA space images
Virtual voyage across the cosmos (narrated, video begins at 1:37)
….(or, video and music only)


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Photo: Pauline Rosenberg