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Personal markers

Beyond what communities may set for markers, individuals can do this as well – to recognize lines of solar alignment from their homes and locations nearby.

An online tool, SunCalc, enables a look at where the sun rises, sets, and is positioned at solar noon – from any location and date of the year. By selecting an address and date at the top menu, and by moving the cursor and zooming in or out, directions for solar alignment can be seen.

For example, on December 21 in Boston, from a spot between the Elliott Bridge and Herter Park, the sun sets in a line that illuminates the Charles River.…..

Winter solstice - SunCalc Cambridge

This can show lines from one’s own back door, as well as lines from particular locations that can only be seen on and near to this day of the year.

Winter solstice - sunset photo on the Charles River

Charles River Sunset (from near the location shown above) Photo credit: holden125

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