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Local markers

winter + summer solstice - sites in Greece (NASA 12-21 2005)


In parks, plazas, libraries, and other locations, some communities place markers to show locations of the sun at the winter solstice.
A few examples are shown on this page.

winter solstice - Farmington NM library floor

Library at Farmington, New Mexico

Farmington, New Mexico

A marker on the town library floor
(illuminated at noon on the solstice)

Solstice Park. Seattle

An earthwork path guides the eye toward a stone that marks the site of sunset at the winter solstice

Humber Bay Park, Toronto

Winter solstice - Seattle solstice park

Solstice Park, Seattle

Stone markers on a hillside, showing alignment at the winter and summer solstices

Ward Reservation, Andover, Massachusetts

Markers on a hillside, showing alignment at the winter and summer solstices

Individuals, also, may set up markers showing points of sunrise, sunset, and/or noontime sun at the winter solstice. Some people set up “solstice gardens” on their property. Some set markers in porch railings or other locations, to mark points of sunrise and sunset at the solstice.


winter solstice - ward reservation

Ward Reservation, Andover, Massachusetts


winter solstice Humber Park

Humber Bay Park, Toronto

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Top photo:
Sunrise from a town in Greece over the course of a year
NASA Astronomy Picture of the day December 21, 2005
Credit: Anthony Ayiomanitis