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As advances in science have changed the ways we see ourselves and our world, approaches to religion have changed. For those who have a naturalist sense of what seems possible and real, religious naturalism (RN) gives ways of considering the mystery, order, and beauty in the world and expressing the spiritual part of ourselves.

This site covers topics that have long been considered by religions, but are looked at with different eyes with a naturalist view. It includes links to additional information and ideas, and links to some of the workings and wonders of the natural world. Check the menu options to see more.

Featured author: Chet Raymo

For decades, Chet Raymo has posted “Science Musings,” with reflections on the natural world and science as a creative activity. He is the author of more than a dozen books, including “When God is Gone, Everything is Holy.” Through these he has provided a broad journey, enhanced by poetry and art, through perceptions that are part of the heart of religious naturalism.  <continue reading . . .>

Encounters with nature

As they offer lessons and reminders and affect our focus and mood, activities as simple as gardening, gazing at stars, watching birds, or a walk in the woods can bring a sense of connection and a sense of something spiritual/religious.  <continue to the Encounters with Nature page . . .> 

Winter solstice

Since ancient times, the winter solstice has been accompanied by festivals and observance. This page share thoughts, images, and artistic interpretations of how some people understand and reflect on this time of the year. <continue to the Winter Solstice page . . .>

Voyage to the Virgo cluster

Voyage to VirgoThis short video shows the beauty and vast distances in the cosmos – with a journey from Earth toward the Orion nebula and out beyond the Milky Way, past distant galaxies to a black hole in the Virgo cluster. It can be viewed with narration from Joel Primack (the journey begins at 1:35) or just with music composed by Nancy Abrams (both of whom are on the Board of Advisors of the Religious Naturalist Association).  <click to view the video>