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Responses to “The Great Story”

great story beadsMichael Dowd and Connie Barlow describe several ways of symbolically representing or ritually re-enacting the “Great Story” of origins and evolution – from the Big Bang to emergence of the Sun, Earth, life, and human beings. These include:

Cosmic rosary (Great Story beads)
Assembling beads that each represent an aspect of the “Great Story”

Cosmic walk
cosmic walkArranging a site at which a path spirals out from a center and includes sites along the way that represent major events in the “Great Story”. Participants walk along the path and, when they reach each site, hear readings that describe events that occurred at this point in the story.

Videotaped example (Unitarian Universalist – 22 minutes)

 Other “Experiential Processes for Learning and Celebrating The Great Story”