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Religious Naturalism

Taking Nature to Heart

Recommended Books

Sacred Depths
The Sacred Depths of Nature

by Ursula Goodenough
when god is gone
When God is Gone Everything is Holy: The Making of of a Religious Naturalist

by Chet Raymo
Little book of atheist spirituality
The Little Book of
Atheist Spirituality

by Andre Comte-Sponville
 RN today - crosby  dancing with the sacred  A religion of nature
Religious Naturalism Today: The Rebirth of a Forgotten Alternative
by Jerome A. Stone
Dancing with the Sacred
by Karl Peters
A Religion of Nature
by Donald A. Crosby
 Religion is not about God  Living with ambiguity  Routledge Handbook of RN cover
Religion is Not about God: How Spiritual Traditions Nurture our Biological Nature . . .
by Loyal Rue
Living with Ambiguity
by Donald A. Crosby
Routledge Handbook of Religious Naturalism
34 chapters by multiple authors

Also see:

Thomas Berry. The Great Work: Our Way into the Future.
Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry. The Universe Story.
Alain de Botton. Religion for Atheists: A Non-believer’s Guide to the Uses of Religion.
Michael Cavanaugh. Biotheology: A New Synthesis of Science and Religion.Tom Clark. Encountering Naturalism: A Worldview and Its Uses
Donald Crosby. The Thou of Nature: Religious Naturalism and Reverence for Sentient Life.
Don Cupitt. After God (The Future of Religion).
William Grassie. The New Sciences of Religion.
Chris Highland. Meditations of John Muir.
Gordon Kaufman. In the Beginning….Creativity.
Stuart Kauffman. Reinventing the Sacred: A New View of Science, Reason, and Religion.
Sam Keen. In the Absence of God: Dwelling in the Presence of the Sacred.
Todd Macalister. Einstein’s God: A Way of Being Spiritual Without the Supernatural.
William R. Murry. Reason and Reverence: Religious Humanism for the 21st Century.
V.V. Raman. Truth and Tension in Science and Religion.
Loyal Rue. Nature is Enough: Religious Naturalism and the Meaning of Life.
Loyal Rue. Everyone’s Story: Wising Up to the Epic of Evolution.
Carl Sagan. The Varieties of Scientific Experience.
Philip Sheldrake. Spirituality: A Very Short Introduction.
John Shelby Spong. Why Christianity Must Change or Die: A Bishop Speaks to Believers in Exile: A New Reformation of the Church’s Faith and Practice.
Henry Wieman. The Source of Human Good.
John Schellenberg, Evolutionary Religion.

Books for Young Readers

The Turtle and the Universe
Our Family Tree: An Evolution Story
Before the Beginning: A Child’s First Book of the Great Story
Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story: Book 1
From Lava to Life: The Universe Tells Our Earth Story: Book 2
Mammals Who Morph: The Universe Tells Our Evolution Story: Book 3
The Universe Verse
Everybody Needs a Rock
The Other Way to Listen
I’m In Charge of Celebrations
The Way To Start a Day
I’m Lucy: A Day in the Life of a Young Bonobo
Origins, Being Human, and Other Stories for Children
The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True
The Great Story
Grandmother Fish: A Child’s first book of Evolution
Duck, Death, and The Tulip