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Online community and discussion

The Religious Naturalist Association (RNA) hosts an ongoing online discussion on topics related to religious naturalism. Participation requires membership in RNA (which can be obtained, with no cost, at this link), and is an open forum in which anyone who so chooses can send an e-mail to initiate discussion on any topic, and review and respond to comments that come in response.  Topics for discussion have included Origin of life, RN and Tao, A natural basis for morality, and The future of religious naturalism, plus tips on related articles, books, and events. An edited collection of comments from one discussion, on “God as Metaphor“, can be seen online.

These discussions and related activities are described in a chapter in The Routledge Handbook of Religious Naturalism (D.A. Crosby and J.A. Stone, eds.; Routledge 2018), titled, “Bringing Religious Naturalists Together Online”. An overview, from the chapter abstract, is shown below, and a draft version of this chapter can be viewed via this link.

This chapter describes our two-year experience launching the Religious Naturalist Association (RNA), an on-line community that has attracted > 400 members from 47 states in the US and 28 countries. We lift up the challenges and the advantages of exploring the religious naturalist orientation in a virtual context.