meditation (copied from a blog)Religious practices can be satisfying and useful. These put our minds in places that are different from the day-to-day, and can help us change a bit, in positive ways, from how we were before. They can also be part of a path that can help us move toward what we feel is admirable and important.

For religious naturalists, a wide range of activities can be done – regularly or once in a while, and in individual ways – as part of personal spiritual/religious practice.

Click on links, below, to explore some options.  (Note: some of these are not yet active.)

 Spiritual experience and growth

Encounters with nature
…..Experiences of, in, and as nature
Encounters with art
…..Music, dancetheater,
…..spatial artspoetrystories
Seeking knowledge
…..Relaxation response
Special places  

Observance and celebration

Marking life events
…..(wedding, funeral, birth)
Marking cycles of time
…..Winter solstice

Bride - 379-317 iStock_000019452528XSmallPutting beliefs and values into practice

Ritual observances
…..Technology shabbat
Ecologic advocacy

In addition to activities, certain attitudes can be part of of being religious.

(Some applications of this can be seen at the website for the Greater Good Science Center, which includes links to pages on altruism, empathy, forgiveness, compassion, and other “science-based practices for a meaningful life”.)