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Judaism, Christianity, and RN


Religious naturalism, for many, frames a personal way of being Jewish or Christian*.

Many who hold a naturalist worldview are active members of temples and churches. Others attend services infrequently but identify as Christian or Jewish. Although they do not believe in a personal God that may be active in the world, they can appreciate teachings, rituals, and community that are parts of established traditions. As Loyal Rue put it, religion is not about Godand, with a naturalist worldview, perspectives from science and traditional wisdom may both be examined when considering religious questions.

Naturalist views are common in some denominations – among parishioners, and also in a number of rabbis, ministers, and priests – but these often remain private and unstated. Some prominent theologians have suggested interpretations of religious images that fit comfortably with naturalism. As these provide symbolic, rather than literal ways of viewing religious ideas, mythic stories can provide rich food for thought.

With this, those who left the temples and churches of their birth, and those who were never involved, can appreciate aspects of these religions, along with perspectives from the natural world, as part of a naturalist religious sense.


Brief essay
Ursula Goodenough. Our religions of origin.

Perspectives of theologians
Mordecai Kaplan (intellectual founder of Reconstructionist Judaism)
Paul Tillich
Gordon Kaufman
Karl Peters
John Shelby Spong

Other resources
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  • Religious naturalism may also be part of personal views for those aligned with other religions but, due to limited familiarity of webpage authors with non-Judeo/Christian traditions and with a desire to not make assumptions, the focus of this and other descriptions at this website are mainly in relation to Jewish and Christian traditions.

Religious Naturalism

Taking Nature to Heart

A worldview grounded in science that provides a foundation for a way of being in the world that is both inspiring and  personally rewarding.