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Susan Thompson

Human Nature - Susan Thompson_edgeforest

Showing the human as an integral part of nature is a recurring theme in Thompson’s art. The question is “What does the fully connected to nature human look like?” Thompson feels that our relationship with nature suffers from the disconnection of modern society. It is clear to Thompson that to live sustainably, we need to respect the rights of nature as one self.

Roger Johnston

Roger Johnston - Tapestry_from_fractals

Roger Johnston gives us a piece of fractal artwork created through random mathematical chaos theory … so rich in texture that it defies how art using pure math gone wild… can imitate so elegantly an organic tapestry.

Lori Nix 

Lori Nix - The CityLori Nix creates dioramas of natural history dioramas and photographs them. Her sometimes darkly funny images comment on the history of natural history and how we frame looking at the natural world.

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy - Pool of Light - Early morning

Andy Goldsworthy - Pool of Light - EveningPools of light

Trees were used that fell during a storm that hit south-west France on the night of December 27, 1999. Cleft chestnut logs are placed in such a way that the edge of each log would at morning and evening split the light into sun and shadow. On sunny days the sculpture is brought to life — a dark circle in the morning and the reverse in the evening. At midday, and on those days without sun, there is no circle at all. There are times when the sculpture is alive and times when it is dormant. The sculpture may have come out of a destructive storm but it also has a great sense of optimism in the cyclical renewal and revival that occurs on each sunny day..