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Blog 2A number of religious naturalists use websites or blogs as venues for exploring ideas.

Like an old-style diary or personal journal, the blog gives an occasion to use writing to clarify thoughts; and the resulting pages (often supported with graphics or music) can present personal views relating to aspects RN (or other topics).

Viewers can follow and learn, or they may respond with ideas and questions of their own, which can lead to conversation.

Blogs can be time-consuming and, because of this, they may be posted for periods of time, then set aside. Some make copies of postings and responses and, as with a photo album, keep some and toss others, and add structure and make edits, turning the initial free-flow expression into a story that shows the best of what was explored at a point in time.

Blog 3dLinks below point to some RN-related blogs that are created by individuals:

Seven Candles
Caute – A free-spirit archeology of morning
Secular chaplain
Science musings (10-year archive from Chet Raymo)
Great Blue Heron – Nature-Inspired Learning and Leading
Zen Naturalism

Also, some blogs that are sponsored by organizations can provide venues for online discussion of ideas.

13.7 Cosmos and Culture (National Public Radio)