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Religious naturalism draws from a range of views, in which perspectives from science, the humanities, and art contribute to ways of considering important questions:

What is real?
What is right and good?
Ways of coping with life challenges
Ways of understanding and encouraging spiritual feelings

Many authors have provided information and ideas that can help in examining these and other questions. Click on links below to get a brief introduction to each author and links to some articles and books they have written.

Religious naturalism
Ursula GoodenoughChet RaymoJerome Stone, Donald CrosbyRobert Corrington, Michael DowdConnie Barlow

Physics and cosmology
Albert EinsteinFritjof CapraCarl SaganSteven Hawking

E.O. WilsonRichard DawkinsFrans de Waal

Brain and mind
Antonia DamasioSteven PinkerOwen FlanaganTerrence DeaconMichael Gazzaniga

Philosophy and mythology
 Ralph Waldo EmersonJoseph Campbell

Science and religion
Wesley WildmanLoyal RueV.V. RamanAndrew Newberg

Baruch SpinozaPaul TillichWilliam JamesMordecai KaplanHenry Nelson WeimanGordon Kaufman, Karl PetersJohn Shelby Spong

Nature, ecology, and religion
Thomas BerryAldo LeopoldHenry David ThoreauJohn MuirPaul Harrison