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Artistic representations

winter solstice - earingsA number of artists have presented images of the solstice – in paintings, sculpture, jewelry, and other media.
Some examples can be seen in links and images below.

Cameron Anne Mason
Installations for the annual Winter Solstice Feast, Fremont Arts Council, Seattle

Art with “winter solstice” titles
Fine art America (print gallery site)

winter solstice moolight - Michael Creese

Winter Solstice – Michael Creese

Winter solstice - SunTunnel - Nancy Holt

 Sun Tunnel – Nancy Holt – near Lucin, Utah
Pipes aligned to sunrise and sunset at the winter and summer solstices
Photo – Arne Erisoty

winter solstice - sculpture - Roger Berry - Tao

Roger Berry, “Tau”, 160 Spear St., San Francisco
The front side is fills with sunlight in the winter;
the back sides fill with the summer sun

winter solstice moolight - Danny Hickling

Winter Solstice Moon – Danny Hickling

winter solstice calendar

Winter Solstice Calendar Cards
(images of daylight and dark throughout the year)
BrainstormOverload Design Studio, Minneapolis

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